Hey Dad

Posted: August 17, 2016 in emotions, Nostalgia
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Hey Dad

The Winter in the Hills are lonely, Dad.
Only if you could warm my little palms in your hand.
And talk me stories of faraway land, till I sleep.
I wish I could just pretend to sleep in your arms,
To feel your good night kiss, as you tuck me in the blankets.
The Winter in the Hills are still lonely, Dad.

It’s almost December time. Cold chills my frail bones.
My friends and their families have already flocked to plains.
Every Evening, Mother and I await watching the dusk.
The Sun slowly sneaks below the hills behind the thick fog.
And tiny lights from the valleys spread the dull sparkle
Only if you were there, you could take us to the Plains.

Did I tell you how perfect Mother has been?
She grew me into this wonderful young girl.
She walks with me through the winding lanes
Till the Church, the open wide white benches
Often we sit there and talk all about you.
I know your smile, Dad. And your dark brown hair
Mother still blushes when she describes you.
The Winter in the Hills then feels so warm.

If you are up there listening to your little girl.
Dad, not all is gloom here, I must tell you.
Yes, Mother is in fifties and has grown old now.
But I have taken up the responsibilities.
Together, we are making up quite a pair.
Looks like brighter days are just around the corner.

Here is a secret I want to share with you, Dad.
I have finally found a man to share my life.
His manners, his smile and the twinkle of his eyes
All reminds me of you. I hope you’ll like him too
One day when he becomes a young daddy,
He will be just like you, loving and caring.

Well, now your little princess is going to sleep.
Her eyes aches of tiredness and the cold,
Will you stay awake and watch me till I sleep.
It makes me feel better to know I’m loved.
And when I’m asleep, slowly walk into my dreams.
The Winter in the Hills will feel warm again.

  1. So touching!!! Beautifully written!

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