Prisoner of the war

Posted: August 17, 2016 in Adventure
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Prisoner of the war

Cuffs cuts through my wrists, eyes blindfolded.
I walk amongst the deads of the Collosals.
Nations have fought, and a Nation has fallen,
Miles away in the burning desert of the death,
The line of control has been re-written in blood.

The blindness paints itself in the blinding pain,
The rugged of my boots sinks in the hot sand.
Somewhere a broken transistor crackles in chaos,
I walk at the nudge of the rifle at the shoulders.
There is a blade still dug fresh in my thighs.

The War is over or at least I deduct it is,
Suddenly the deafening sound of missiles has ceased.
The bomb last night threw me unconscious.
The pool of blood I sank in, dried on the earth.
Next I remember were the blindfold and a broken arm.

I had heard war time stories at the campfires.
Of numerous prisoners of war who never returned.
And I heard of horrible experiments I might get into.
Maybe I would never know if we won the War,
Maybe I will never see the daylight ever again.

Do they know if I have been alive all this while?
Will my wife receive the pension to stay alive?
Does even my Nation still exists, I do not know.
As I walk into the place where no God exists,
I know I’m walking into the most lonely place.

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